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The 5th International Conference on ELT in China
2014-02-19 16:19:19

Hosted by:China English Language Education Association, Beijing Foreign Studies University 

Co-hosted by: Translation Association of China, the Association of Chinese Sociolinguistics, the International Society for Chinese Language Teaching, National Research Centre for Foreign Language Education of BFSU

Organized by:Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press 

Time:May 16-21, 2007 

Venue:FLTRP International Convention Center (Beijing) 

Theme:Language, Education and Society in the Digital Age 

• First Language Acquisition (e.g. Child Language, Mother Tongue Education) • Second Language Acquisition (e.g. Natural and Instructed L2 Learning, Child and Adult L2 Learning, Problems in Migrant Education) • Foreign Language Teaching and Teacher Education (e.g. Methodology, Syllabus Design, Learning and Teaching Materials) • Contrastive Linguistics and Error Analysis • Language Evaluation, Assessment and Testing • Educational Technology and Language Learning (or CALL)• Learner Autonomy in Language Learning • Bilingual or Multilingual Education (e.g. Immersion Education)• Written and Visual Literacy • Discourse Analysis, Rhetoric and Stylistics • Business Communication (e.g. Communication in the Professions, Language for Special Purposes)• Translating, Interpreting and Mediation • Multimodality in Discourse and Text (e.g. Language and the Media) • Sociolinguistics (e.g. Language Contact and Language Change, Language Mixing, Language Planning, Language and Gender)• Multilingualism and Multiculturalism • Intercultural Communication • Lexicography and Lexicology • Psycholinguistics (e.g. Language Production and Language Comprehension) • Others

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