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The registration for AILA2011 Congress is available now!
2014-02-19 16:26:45

The formal registration for the 16th World Congress of Applied Linguistics(AILA2011) is available since October 1, 2010. Get registered at the conference website and pay the registration fee before April 15, 2011, you’ll enjoy the early bird discount. 

The 16th World Congress of Applied Linguistics will be held in Beijing from August 23-28, 2010. The Congress is organized by International Association of Applied Linguistics, and co-hosted by China English Language Education Association, Beijing Foreign Studies University and Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press. Nearly 2,000 applied linguists, teachers, scholars and graduate students from all around the world will attend the congress. About 1000 papers ranging from 27 different strands in applied linguistics will be presented. 

For details, please visit the official Congress website:

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