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Call for Papers 

Decoding American Cultures in the Global Context 
SEPTEMBER 18-20, 2009 
Hosted by 
Beijing Foreign Studies University, Beijing, China

The International American Studies Association (IASA) and the American Studies Center (ASC) at Beijing Foreign Studies University (BFSU) cordially invite scholars from all disciplines to participate in the 4th congress of the IASA, to be held from September 18th to 20th (Friday to Sunday), 2009 at BFSU, Beijing, China. 

Congress Theme and Sub-themes 
Recent changes in the flows of finances, people, and cultural products, often termed ‘globalization’, have provided a new context for understanding the Americas, hence the theme of the 4th World Congress, “Decoding American Cultures in the Global Context”. We invite contributions addressing the following sub-themes with reference to the U.S. and the Americas more broadly. 
a) Critical understanding and reception of American cultures abroad 
b) Impact of North/South American cultures on world cultures 
c) Comparative studies of the Americas 
d) “Globalization” vs. “Americanization” 
e) American studies abroad 
f) “American exceptionalism”: myth or reality? 
g) Myths that Americans live by: literature, history, and culture 

Guidelines for Submission and Presentation 
Proposals may be submitted in English for an individual presentation, or for a pre-constituted panel, by January 31, 2009. Proposals for workshops to be developed into pre-constituted panels must be submitted by December 1, 2008 to be posted on the website (see below). 

• For an individual paper, the organizer should submit the following: contact information of the organizer including email address, 3 keywords, and an abstract of no more than 300 words. Note any audio/visual equipment required. 

• For a pre-constituted panel, the organizer should submit contact information of the organizer, 3 keywords describing the panel, and an abstract of no more than 300 words for the panel as a whole articulating how the papers go together PLUS contact information for each participant, and a brief abstract of no more than 300 words for each of those papers, along with 3 keywords for each. Indicate any audio visual equipment needed please. 

• If you desire to submit a preconsituted panel, but need to find colleagues from other institutions and countries to participate in your panel, we offer the following option of proposing a WORKSHOP TITLE AND ABSTRACT. Send this, along with your contact information to the conference organizers (Prof. Li Qikeng below) BY December 1, 2008 to be posted on the conference website. Individual scholars should then send proposals and contact information directly to you for your consideration. Once you have selected your panel members, submit as described above for pre-constituted panels, AND, in addition, send all non-selected papers along with their contact information, keywords, etc. to the conference committee for further consideration by the cut off date of January 31st. Those papers will then be considered for inclusion on the program as part of other panels if appropriate. 

• Each proposal should indicate any audio visual needs at the time of submission. No panel should have more than four paper presenters, or three presenters and a commentator. For pre-constituted panels, priority will be given to those which include presenters from a variety of institutions/ geographical locations. The academic committee of the congress will evaluate the proposal on the basis of the quality of the abstract, its scholarly cogency, as well as its relevance to the congress theme, and notify the submitter of its acceptance by February 28, 2009. If the submission is accepted, an extended summary (about 800-1,000 words) shall be sent to the conference coordinators by May 31, 2009. 

Each participant will be given 15 minutes to present the paper, followed by 5 minutes for questions and answers. The conference will provide the necessary multimedia for presentations. When submitting the extended summary, please also indicate whether you will need to use multimedia, and if so, specify your exact requirements. We also welcome proposals for presentations that do not fit the standard spoken paper format, such as films/videos/performances, etc. 

Post-Congress Publication 
If you would like the congress committee to consider your paper for publication, please submit your full paper within one month after the conclusion of the congress to the organizers. The academic committee of the congress will review all the papers submitted and have the selected papers published by a reputable publisher in China. All papers are preferably around 8,000 words in English, complete with footnotes and a bibliography. For paper format, CMS is recommended. 

Important Dates 
• January 31, 2009: Proposal due (Dec.1st, 2008 workshop proposals due for posting) 
• February 28, 2009: Notification of acceptance 
• May 31, 2009: Extended summary due 
• Fall, 2009: Conference Sept. 18-20. (registration opens Sept. 17 on site). 

Congress Fees 
Participants are expected to pay a conference fee of US$ 150, which covers the academic program, congress documentation (final program and book of abstracts), all meals on conference days, and coffee breaks. The student rate is $75 U.S. 

If not paid in advance, fees are higher, but may be paid on-site, in which case regular participants pay US$ 200 and students pay US$ 100. Hotels, meals on non-conference days, optional tours, etc are the responsibility of the participants themselves. Participants must be members of IASA, with the exception of participants from mainland China who will automatically become members of IASA upon registration for the conference. 

Hotel and Tours 
Special hotel rates for congress participants are being negotiated, and some on-campus student housing in dormitories will also be available at very reduced fees. Details will be posted on the congress website. Optional night-time activities such as attendance at performances and post-congress tours will also be available. 

Contact Information 
All proposals, summaries and other correspondence should be directed to congress coordinator Li Qikeng. 
Email:,; Phone: 86-10-8256-5621, 1352-184-7279; Fax: 86-10-8881-6282 
Postal address: School of English and International Studies, Beijing Foreign Studies University, Beijing 100089, China. 




国际美国研究学会 (IASA) 和北京外国语大学美国研究中心(ASC) 诚挚邀请海内外致力于美国研究的各学科各领域专家学者,金秋时节相聚北京,参加国际美国研究学会的第四届世界大会。 


从全球化视角审视美国,意味着我们不能把美国作为一个国家单位进行孤立的研究,而要把它放到南/北美洲乃至整个世界体系中去研究, 考察美国政治、经济文化等方面与世界各国的冲突和互动。 

• 美国文化的域外批判和接受 (Critical understanding and reception of American cultures abroad) 
• 南/北美洲文化对世界文化的影响 (Impact of North/South American cultures on world cultures) 
• 美洲国家比较研究 (Comparative Studies of the Americas) 
• “全球化”与“美国化”(“Globalization” vs. “Americanization”) 
• 域外美国研究 (American studies abroad) 
• “美国例外论”:神话与现实 (“American exceptionalism”: myth or reality?) 
• 美国神话:文学、历史与文化 (Myths that Americans live by: literature, history, and culture) 


有意参加这次会议的专家学者,请于2009年1月31日前, 用英语将论文摘要或专题小组摘要提交到会议组委会。 若专题小组需要通过会议网络招纳成员, 则须于12月1日前提交小组提要 (细则见下)。 
如提交论文, 需提供: 个人通讯方式(含电子邮件)、 三个论文关键词、 不超过300字的论文提要。此外,请说明是否需要视听设备。 
如组织专题小组, 需提供: 组织人的通讯方式(含电子邮件)、 三个专题关键词、不超过300字的整个专题小组摘要,其中要说明论文间的关联性;以及每个小组成员的通讯方式(含电子邮件)、三个论文关键词、不超过300字的个人论文提要,并请说明否需要视听设备. 
如果您打算组织专题小组, 但需要从其它机构或国家招纳成员,我们可以在大会网站张贴你的专题名称和提要。请把你的联系方式与专题名称和提要一起在12月1日前寄给大会联络人李期铿教授(联系方式见下)。 信息张贴后, 有兴趣的专家学者会直接与你联系。一旦成员选定, 请按专题小组正式向大会提交。同时请你将未被选中的论文连同其联系方式、关键词等一起在1月31日前转发给组委会另行安排。 

专题小组以四篇论文为限, 或三篇论文加一位评论员。专题小组的挑选, 将优先考虑跨机构、跨地域的小组,以鼓励横向交流。 
大会学术委员会将根据提要质量以及与大会主题的呼应度进行筛选, 最迟于2009年2月底以前通知提交人。被选中的论文须在2009年5月31日前提交第二轮约800-1000字的论文提要。 
会议期间, 论文提交者将有15分钟时间宣读论文,5分钟回答问题。大会将为论文宣读提供必要的多媒体视听设备,请与会者在提交第二轮提要时,说明是否需要视听设备以及具体需要何种视听设备。我们也欢迎非文字形式的宣读, 如电影、录像、表演等。 



1. 2009年1月31日:提交论文(或专题小组)题目和提要 (2008年12月1日提交网上组建专题小组的题目和提要) 
2. 2009年2月28日:通知论文(专题小组)接受情况 
3. 2009年5月31日:提交详细的800-1000字英文摘要 
4. 2009年9月18-20日,大会召开(17日在会场开始报到。 




与会人员每人交纳会务费800元人民币(此优惠价仅适用于中国大陆学者,其余为150美元)。会务费涵盖学术活动、会议材料 (会议安排列表和提要汇总)、会议期间的午餐、晚餐、茶歇,以及一年的国际美国研究学会(IASA)会员费。不包括住宿、观光旅游等。博士生、硕士生会务费为400元人民币。 
与会人员自动成为国际美国研究学会 (IASA) 会员,免费享受其各种资源,有效期一年。IASA欢迎中国的美国研究学者加盟。 


大会为与会成员协商优惠的酒店价格, 并届时提供部分价格优惠的校内学生宿舍。具体详情将发布在大会网站上。大会也在联系一些活动项目, 如演出、城市观光等供与会者选择。 





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